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Villageboom High Power - Buy One Give One

Villageboom High Power - Buy One Give One

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With the purchase you get a Villageboom High Power lamp with 5W solar panel and donate another set to a solar village project

  • with 290 lumens 29 x brighter than petroleum light
  • easily replaceable battery in separate battery compartment
  • Solar panel charges all classic mobile phones and power banks
  • Summary informing about the Buy One Give One promotion

Villageboom solar light of the eighth generation. The set includes a 5 watt solar panel, a hook for attachment and a 4-in-1 adapter (suitable for charging classic cell phones). To charge smart phones, a 5V USB voltage stabilizer is also required, which is available as an accessory .

A solar light improves the lives of people who live off the grid in a very decisive way: thanks to the much brighter light compared to kerosene light, the Villageboom solar light extends the productive time by 3-4 hours a day for all family members! This leads to improved school performance for the children and increased income for the parents.

There are still about a billion people worldwide without access to electricity – all of them can benefit considerably from solar light.

More light gives people a new perspective, improves their standard of living and means that young people in particular are willing to stay in their villages to promote positive developments there. At the moment, rural villages in particular are suffering because young people are moving to the cities or making the dangerous journey to the USA or Europe in the hope of a better future.

Solar village projects are currently underway in Ghana and Uganda.

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